Where to Host a Bridal Shower in Greenville, South Carolina

Traditionally, before the wedding, the wedding party and/or closest friends of the bride would throw a bridal shower for a select group of the bride-to-be’s female friends and relatives (including future in-laws). There is no one certain way to host a bridal shower, but regardless of what type of event you decide to host, you can expect guests will bring gifts. 

Bridal Shower Brunches, Teas, Dinners and More Options

Some people prefer brunches or afternoon teas, while others might coordinate the shower with the bachelorette party, in which case a happy hour or even a dinner format might be more fitting before a big night out on the town.  While it was very common in the past for someone to host a bridal shower in their home, as people have gotten increasingly busy, more and more of these events now occur at restaurants or catered venues.

Throw a Couples Shower in Greenville

More recently, couples’ showers have become more popular and are another type of event to consider.  Also known as a wedding shower or a Jack and Jill party, this is a coed affair that celebrates both the bride and groom and can replace the bridal shower altogether or be done in addition to a ladies-only affair.

These events tend to be more focused around the gathering, itself, and although guests are still (usually) expected to bring a gift, the presents (and the opening thereof) usually isn’t the focus of this celebration.  Wedding showers can run the gamut from casual outdoor barbecues at home to more formal cocktail parties at a restaurant or event space, depending on the couple and the overall vibe of their planned wedding.

Restaurants with Private Dining Options for Bridal Showers

Greenville boasts a wide variety of restaurants, hotels and dedicated event venues that can host your next wedding-related event, including bridal showers and couples’ showers. 

Host a Bridal Shower UP on the Roof

For example, if you’re looking to host an outdoor event with beautiful sunset views and craft cocktails, UP on the Roof is the place to be. 

Bring Bridal Shower Guests to Ruth’s Chris in Greenville

On the other hand, if a luncheon buffet or a seated dinner are more your style, look no further than Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  With two restaurants in metro-Greenville (downtown in the new Riverplace development and the original Greenville location at I-385 and Roper Mountain Road), there is a Ruth’s Chris restaurant convenient to wherever you want to celebrate. 

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