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Throw an Intimate Wedding Reception in Greenville, SC

Pros and Cons of Throwing an Intimate Wedding Reception in Greenville, SC

Are you feeling like you may want to go smaller with your wedding reception and throw a more personal, intimate affair? If so, you may be wondering what the benefits and drawbacks of a smaller wedding reception could be. Learn more about the pros and cons of throwing an intimate wedding reception or micro-wedding in Greenville, South Carolina, in the article below.

Pro: You Can Make It Meaningful

A more intimate wedding reception means that the bride and groom can really tailor the reception to convey their personalities and the things they enjoy as a couple. From an intimate sit-down meal featuring your favorite foods to the ability make your own personalized wedding welcome gifts or favors, you can better reflect your uniqueness as a couple in every detail.

Venues like UP on the Roof and Ruth’s Chris Steak House at 250 Riverplace in Downtown Greenville or 851 Congaree Road at Greenville I-385 are perfect choices for those who want an intimate wedding reception. The smaller private dining rooms at Ruth’s Chris as well as the outdoor rooftop setting at UP on the Roof will allow you to better connect with your guests on your wedding day. You can have more meaningful conversations with friends and loved ones who have traveled to be with you on your special day, as well as just enjoy the day more with the people who mean the most to you and your fiancé.

Con: Some Traditions May Not Make Sense for a Smaller Group

If you have your heart set on a three or four-tiered wedding cake or a live band at your wedding reception, you’ll want to consider how difficult it will be for you to let go of those ideas in favor or an intimate wedding reception. No one is saying you can’t have cake or music at your smaller wedding reception, but you will want to make sure the size and cost of these items makes sense for the number of guests.

Pro: Smaller Means More Affordable

It’s an unavoidable fact that a larger wedding reception with more guests means a bigger budget. Keeping your guest list smaller and throwing an intimate wedding reception allows you to save not only on the cost of food and drink, but also on other items like flowers and décor.

Con: Some Family Members May Feel Left Out

One inevitable drawback of an intimate wedding reception is that you will not be able to include all extended family members on the guest list. It may be difficult for you if family members choose to express their displeasure at not being invited.

Ultimately, your preferences as a couple and your wedding budget should be the main factors in determining the size of your wedding reception, but you should be aware that restricting your guest list can add a bit of extra stress.

Pro: Ability to Select a Less Traditional Venue

An intimate wedding reception or micro-wedding allows you to have a larger selection of venues to choose from for your event. Some non-traditional venues, such as restaurants, cannot accommodate very large guests lists, but are well-suited to more intimate wedding receptions.

Throwing your wedding reception in a non-traditional venue allows you to make it stand out and feel more special for you and your fiancé as well as your guests. If you want your wedding to be different and unique in comparison to others your guests have attended, a smaller wedding reception in an upscale restaurant may be the way to go!

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