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Why Consider One Venue for Your Greenville, SC Wedding Ceremony and Reception

There are so many important decisions to make as you are planning your perfect wedding day! However, one of the first – and, perhaps, most important – choices you’ll make is whether to split your ceremony and reception between two locations.

Alternatively, you can choose just one single venue for the entire event.

Here we’ll lay out some of the top reasons why you should consider one venue – like UP on the Roof, Ruth’s Chris in Downtown Greenville or Ruth’s Chris at Greenville I-385 – for your Greenville, SC wedding ceremony and reception.

Single Point of Contact for Easier Coordination

Having a single point of contact is a great benefit of hosting your wedding ceremony and reception at a single venue. Working with a single coordinator reduces the number of phone calls you will have to make and take and overall requires less effort and time.

Having a single location also may reduce the number of vendors you’ll need to work with and can also minimize the likelihood of mistakes being made, like mixing up the ceremony and reception flower orders, for example.

One Venue for Your Greenville Wedding and Reception Saves Money

We know every penny of your wedding budget matters. So, when it comes down to the bottom line, you may be compelled to choose a single venue for your wedding ceremony and reception simply because it can save you money!

If you book your ceremony and reception locations separately, you may incur both a ceremony fee and a reception venue site fee. Using a single venue can save you from paying double on fees.

Other cost savings from using a single venue can include:

  • Savings on transportation between sites for the wedding couple and wedding party
  • Less decorations to purchase
  • Eliminate any extra travel fees from vendors to service multiple venues

Seamlessly Bring Your Wedding Vison to Life

If you have separate locations for your ceremony and reception, the ambiance may differ between the two locations, and that can make it more difficult to bring a unified wedding vision to life.

With a single location, you can ensure that your décor and other details compliment the atmosphere and layout of the venue. With just one venue to think about, it will be much simpler to execute your well thought out vision and create the desired tone for your big day.

A Single Location Allows for a Thorough Walk-Through

Another perk of having just one venue for your ceremony and reception that you may not have thought about is that it affords you the chance to walk through everything prior to the wedding. If you have two separate sites, you may not have a chance to rehearse the flow of the ceremony and preview the reception site before the rehearsal dinner. Having a single venue provides you a final opportunity to make sure everything will flow on your wedding day just the way you envisioned it.

Less Lag Time Between Ceremony and Reception

One venue for your Greenville wedding ceremony and reception also helps you reduce any lag time between saying your vows and the party afterward. In addition to time saved, there are other benefits to eliminating a transition between locations, such as:

  • No sitting in traffic or getting lost between locations for your guests
  • Smooth transition from the ceremony into cocktail hour
  • Not having to allow for commute time between venues allows you to have the ceremony later in the day – or to party longer.

Choose Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse or UP on the Roof for Your One Venue Greenville Wedding

From our traditional yet upscale Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse private dining rooms to our stunning rooftop venue, UP on the Roof, to our exclusively catered hotel ballroom partnerships, we can help bring your vision for a single venue wedding ceremony and reception come to life. Contact us today and get started on planning your big day!