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Wedding Planning Tips in Greenville, SC

Newly Engaged in Greenville? Start Your Wedding Planning Here

You are basking in the glow of a recent proposal. You excitedly call, video chat and meet up with friends and family to tell them the wonderful news: You and your significant other will be tying the knot soon! Although you are over-the-moon happy, perhaps just a little anxiety sneaks in as you begin to think about planning the details of your upcoming wedding.

If you’re newly engaged in Greenville, you can banish the worry and hold onto that feeling of bliss, when you start your wedding planning here at Weddings Greenville.

Plan a Wedding That Celebrates You as a Couple

You’ll want to take your time with one of the first, and most important, steps of wedding planning: Deciding the type of tone you want to set with the details of your wedding.

Your style will be reflected in every detail, from the invitations to the wedding dress, photography style, color scheme, menu, and venue. You’ll want each choice to reflect the personality of you and your fiancé as a couple. So, make sure you spend some time talking with your betrothed. It will make these major decisions easier when the time comes.

Why It’s Important to Draft a Guest List Early

Getting started on the guest list early on in the wedding planning process is important for several reasons:

You and your fiancé will want to make separate lists and then compare them early in the wedding planning process to discover any crossovers and allow you to possibly invite more guests.

If you will be receiving financial help from either set of parents, the size of the guest list will be important in determining the amount of the contribution you will need to help cover the costs. If you’re paying for the wedding yourselves, the guest list size will also be crucial to help setting a budget.

Guest list size is also important in determining the size of the venue you need to book. For example:

  • UP on the Roof in Greenville has the capacity for 350 guests.
  • Ruth’s Chris in Downtown Greenville has private dining options for up 200 guests.
  • Ruth’s Chris at I-385 in Greenville can host up to 350 guests, and is a great choice for couples residing in both Greenville and Spartanburg, SC.

Important Step in Wedding Planning: Choosing a Venue

The venue where you host your wedding and/or reception is one of the most important choices you will make in the wedding planning process. When it comes to conveying the personality of the couple and setting a tone for the entire affair, nothing does so more than the venue you choose to host your nuptials.

When you choose UP on the Roof or Ruth’s Chris Steak House to celebrate your Greenville, SC wedding, you have a variety of options.

UP on the Roof, with its expansive views of Greenville and beyond, is perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony, followed by a seated dinner or brunch with your closest friends and family or go all out with a festive celebration for up to 350 guests on the rooftop.

Both the Downtown Greenville and Greenville at I-385 Ruth’s Chris restaurants offer a more traditional steakhouse experience. Whether you’re looking for something small and personal in one of the restaurant private dining rooms or you want great food while enjoying the perks of a hotel ballroom, the two Greenville-area Ruth’s Chris restaurants will make your special day reflect your great taste.

And because Ruth’s Chris is the exclusive caterer for our local hotel partners: Embassy Suites at RiverPlace and the Crowne Plaza Greenville, you can plan a wedding weekend that’s super convenient for your guests with sleeping accommodations in the same building as your reception.

Start Your Wedding Planning with Us

When you’re ready to start planning your big day in Greenville, SC, be sure to start with UP on the Roof and Ruth’s Chris Steak House. We offer a variety of venue types and styles, so you can choose the one that best fits you as a couple. Come in and tour one or more of our perfect wedding venues today! Contact us now to get started.